Ka Lok Chiu (Dicky), IT student@QUT

Using Wikis (Brisbane Airports)

What is Wiki? 

Wiki is a web 2.0 tool.  It allows people reading and saving though the websites. This helps people sharing idea and  knowledge.  This video shows how wiki’s process  and the idea of wiki.

Wikis use in the Corporate/Enterprise

The advantages of corporate/enterprise is wiki can enhances workers collaboration and knowledge sharing.  By this reasons, many are setting up their wiki for internal use.

This videos show how wiki using in Bestbuy.

Wiki’s part start at 1:29-1:54.  Other parts also are good examples of enterprise 2.0.

What can Brisbane Airport achieve when using Wiki?

Brisbane Airport have a huge number of  employees.  They working together to guarantee  every passengers have a satisfied tour.  So they may have to many problems everyday.  If they send email to asking question or collecting others idea, it  is ineffectively.  Wiki is a good way for Brisbane Airport to solve this problem.  Every workers can write their experiences on internal wiki.  If others face on the same situation, they just search on the the wiki to find the similar case and the solution.  Brisbane Airport also can write the news or updates on wiki, worker only need to check the updates everyday. These can reduce the excessive email using.  In additional, this can save  the costs of paper base documents and the related items.

Strategies of Brisbane Airport using Wiki

There have the security problems when using Wiki.  First of all, wiki is a open platform which is everyone can edit the content on Wiki.  Secondly, the content in wiki is opening to anyone.  Finally, incorrect content maybe show on Wiki.

Brisbane Airport should creates  the guideline and policy for managing their employees using Wiki.  This also can assist employees more engaging of using wiki.  I suggest some wiki strategies here.

  • Assign some admin accounts to department heads or others for wiki contents management.
  • Admins should remove the incorrect content immediate.
  • Have a short lesson for news user understanding how to use wiki.
  • For security issues, important message or information should be sending by other method. e.g. email
  • Secret data or information cannot published on wiki.

Thanks for reading on this week.


3 responses

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  2. I like some of the suggestions you have put forward here about how they can make their use of a wiki fairly strong but do you have any ideas of what sort of content the wiki could contain?

    I’m not sure on specifics of content myself but I think a lot of learning manual style information could be contained on a wiki like this.

    For my further thoughts on this, come have a read at http://morphmandude.com/web2nu/?q=node/18
    and let me know what you think.

    October 14, 2012 at 03:40

  3. Hey Dicky, I like the way that you build up the post by starting with the basic stuff about wikis, passing through best buy’s blue shirt nation social media tool up to wiki implementation and policy in Brisbane airport. Well done!

    October 14, 2012 at 12:52

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